A Free Email Discussion List for Graduate Students Worldwide

This free, moderated email discussion list provides up-to-the-minute information from subscribers around the world–valuable information for graduate students and their faculty.

Doc-Talk provides graduate students with information about how to do their theses. It presents abstracts of original articles from the acclaimed reference bulletins Dissertation News and its successor, Thesis News, published by ASGS.

The list also provides extracts and reprints of other articles of interest, as well as reviews of resources and answers to students’ questions pertaining to their theses.

Additionally, Doc-Talk provides a forum in which personal thesis problems can be shared and resolved. ASGS conducts surveys on the experiences and perceptions of students undertaking their theses, and presents survey results on a regular basis.

Doc-Talk is a moderated email discussion list, which means all materials appearing on it have been reviewed and/or edited by the list moderator, Ronda Dave’, PhD. In an effort to avoid unwanted electronic traffic, Doc-Talk often combines multiple items of interest into one submission, with a descriptive header. Doc-Talk limits mailings to one per week, but each mailing may consist of several articles or compilations of member submissions.