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Our Purpose
Most dissertation- (or thesis-) writing graduate students quickly realize the highest hurdles aren’t academic but psychological, such as writer’s block. Advisors, authors, and consultants address the nitty-gritty of the thesis process, but most focus on the nitty—the specific steps—to the neglect of the gritty—the motivation or “grit.” If advisors do address psychological issues, they do so as an afterthought to tackling the main thesis to-dos. Each mind is unique, so unless your advisor is a therapist, he or she probably isn’t trained to show you how to manage your psyche while you produce and publish your thesis.

Although ASGS publications address the basic steps of doing dissertations—choosing topics, forming research problems, choosing committees, handling revisions, and so on—articles are written to alert students to the mental challenges at each step and suggest ways to meet them.

ASGS was founded on the belief that providing ongoing psychological support to thesis-writing students is key to successful completion, especially for working adults, off-campus students, and distance learners. While email and teleconferencing make advisors more accessible and responsive to these candidates, some still don’t have the support they need to avoid becoming ABDs.

ASGS is a web-based resource providing additional specialized support to help students finish a dissertation or thesis.